The screaming raw RED POWER

This post is going to be all about an awesome hand-made exhaust company, Scorpion, the true red power. Scorpion is an aftermarket company based out of the U.K that provides exhaust for motorbikes as well as cars, but we are going to focus more on the two wheelers for now. They have flown under the… Continue reading The screaming raw RED POWER

Don’t Label Me

Motorcyclists are a minority on the road. And amongst the majority of motorists who view motorcycles from inside of their cars, there seems to be a few stereotypes accorded to those of us on two wheels. It’s hard not to categorize things in your mind, it’s how us humans are wired. Over the years, I’ve heard… Continue reading Don’t Label Me

Look Ma, no hands!!!!

Riding a motorcycle is so much fun, yet dangerous. Luckily, bikes also give the best possible tools to avoid crashing – incredibly powerful brakes, obstruction-free vision, excellent handling and very gripy tires. But without using the manufacturer fitted brain properly, these tools are useless. Stupidity is the number one cause of motorcycle accidents. Refusing to… Continue reading Look Ma, no hands!!!!

Kitna deti hai????

I am sure all you riders must have been asked this question while you are on your bike on a stop light, parking area, or even while riding (we Indian are very daring and impatient and need to know everything on the fly) I ride a Kawasaki Z800 and a Harley Iron 883, both 800cc+… Continue reading Kitna deti hai????

When life throws you a curve,lean into it!!!

Twisties, for some it’s a time to slow down, for others its just a reason to get closer to the road. Every so often, i ride on the GFR on Sundays. and almost all the time, i have witnessed a novice biker on a new bike succeeding in planting a kiss on the road, ultimately… Continue reading When life throws you a curve,lean into it!!!

You know the old saying, ‘Any publicity is good publicity.’? Well this is what i am trying here.

Let me start by introducing you to SpeedMonks. SpeedMonks is a company which was established with the aim of providing solutions for super bike riders by super bike riders. We at SpeedMonks strongly believe that one needs to be a rider to understand the psyche, needs and pain areas faced by riders in getting quality… Continue reading You know the old saying, ‘Any publicity is good publicity.’? Well this is what i am trying here.